Excel Inc. is an all African Learning Group with the vision of making Africa the fore most premium continent to study in the world.

We have created a unique ecosystem that allows us to journey with our learners from their primary school careers to their professional careers.

Excel Inc. has developed a powerful Learning Style Index (LSI) that will help teachers, trainers, departments of education and parents understand their students, know their learning styles and learning ability. The LSI will significantly improve the success rates of learners and institutions of learning.

ExcelLearn, our eLearning platform, developed using the research from our Learning Style Index (LSI) is a media rich front of class and homework system that speaks to all styles of learning for all the High School subjects. Our ExcelLearn platform can be localised and customised for any curriculum.

School Management and Parents love ExcelLearn as it gives full access to the progress of each learner and helps make reporting simpler.

Our Professional offering is revolutionary and takes full advantage of the online and digital tolls within Excel Inc. to not only give the organisations we work with more productive teams, but helps them mitigate their financial risk, saving them money and equipping them to have positive cashflows.

What We Do

Our ecosystem is comprised of three offerings

Digital Learning: Through our eLearning Hub we aim to make rigorous e-learning available and accessible to teachers and learners, enabling the online and digital space to be used optimally for the success of the organisations, institutions and learners we work with. We work with Schools, Technical and Vocational Institutions as well as Universities. Animations, simulations, videos and experiments are some of the tools we have on the ExcelLearn platform.

School Solutions: Through LearningLink, our schools solutions wing, we have created training programmes for learners and teachers alike to help the learners succeed and partner with the school reach its objectives. Induction training, study skills techniques, RCL and Prefect training, team building for teachers as well as School Management Team and School Governing Body finance training

Professional Services: Excel Professional aims to help organisations mitigate their financial risk by consulting with credit management teams, hosting workshops as well as delivering training solutions to Accounts Receivables departments.

To help make Africa the continent of choice to study in the world, by bringing cutting edge learning solutions
Using technology and learning innovations to create impactful solutions for every learner, educator and organisation.
Innovation – Creative ideas for the success of our stakeholders
People – Helping people become all they are created to be is our aim
Efficacy – Client satisfaction and results drive us
Integrity – Honesty and trust are key

Sally Nhlanhla

Sally Nhlanhla

Partnerships, Governance

Mrs. Nhlanhla is a seasoned Educationist who has been bringing Educational solutions to the African continent for several years. She has led various Digital Sales Divisions in Africa and has been responsible for introducing institutions of learning to eLearning, and completed successful digital migration implementations across the continent. She has helped global education companies to introduce new digital products to the market and grow their market share. Her career has spanned from Southern Africa, Central Africa and East Africa in the learning space. Sally was part of the team that implemented South Africa’s first digital classroom.

Mrs. Nhlanhla’s passion for Africa and digital solutions has led her to becoming a partner in two other companies, one of which is a FInTech business that seeks to address the payment challenges on the African continent. Her unique set of skills in accountancy, management and EdTech make her notable in the development of Africa. She is an avid youth mentor who believes in mentoring young people, specifically young women to fulfil their purpose as she has ran women learning and leadership programmes in corporate and through partnerships.   

Michael Gadise

Michael Gadise

Sales & Business Development

Mr. Gadise is passionate about development and school management and has 15 years of experience in the Training and Development industry. He has worked with various organizations and institutions of learning from South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia, doing Training and Youth Development. He was a part of the Training Team at Samsung’s new devices and implemented a training strategy for the South African market. He is a customer service trainer.

He has also developed training programs that equip young leaders at schools to perform their duties and implement their yearly plan. He has developed Induction and training programs that Empower High School entrants  to have a strong mental view about their high school journey. Mr. Gadise also develops Team building courses for school management teams and their educators as well as corporate courses. He is a qualified youth development professional and certified Mentoring and Coaching. 

Mr. Moeketsi Mahlaku

Moeketsi Mahluku CA(SA)


Mr Mahlaku serves as ExcelInc’s financial director, tasked with managing the company’s finances. Having completed his studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he obtained a BAcc Sci & Higher diploma in Accounting sciences, Mr Mahlaku then went to complete his articles at PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

Mr Mahlaku has extensive experience in auditing and assurance, specifically in the Energy, Utilities and Resources sector. He is passionate about inspiring the youth to fulfill their potential. Mr Mahlaku is a registered chartered accountant.

Thembinkosi Nhlanhla

Thembinkosi Nhlanhla


Mr. Nhlahla has over a decade experience in the finance and credit industry. He has worked on book values worth hundreds of millions, successfully ensuring steady cash flows from trade receivables. He has successfully helped accounts departments with their collection strategies through his consultancy work.

Mr. Nhlanhla, is also an experienced and passionate trainer, specialising in finance, digital citizenship and credit management. He was a part of the team that implemented Google’s Digital Skills for Africa project that trained over 1 million Africans. He develops training programmes that equip and up skill professionals in the finance sector. He is a seasoned business strategist who has helped small businesses and start-ups grow and become successful. Mr. Nhlanhla believes in helping Africa become the world’s premium Innovation and Education hub and works in his various capacities to help that become a reality. 


eLearning Hub

eLearning Strategy

ExcelLearn – Curriculum aligned “Plug and Play”

fully implemented suit for High School

Teacher training, enhanced eClassroom

Digital Citizenship training for teachers and learners

Digital content design and publishing

LearnLink (In-School Solutions)


Study Skills Techniques

Inductions and school camps

RCL/Prefect training

Financial Intelligence

Work Readiness

Teachers/School Management Team:

School Management Training

Credit management

School Governing Body (SGB) Training

Teacher leadership and effective communication

ExcelInc. Professional

Credit Management

Accounts Receivables

Leadership and Management

Communication and team building

Digital Migration

Consulting services


Some of the clients we have worked with

Client Testimonials

(ExcelLearn Users, Trainees, Credit Departments)

ExcelLearn platform is extremely easy to use, the team helped me build a environment that helped me and my learners prepare for lessons. My learners really valued the videos, pictures and reading material readily available in ExcelLearn.

Our lives were made simpler and our learners performed really well.

Thank you ExcelInc.

Experienced Educator

ExcelInc. consultants have been a great help to our accounts receivables department. Working with Tim has certainly been a great deal of help and has improved our collections process for the better. A lot of problems have been solved and bottlenecks dealt with and as a result our accounts receivables division is running a much better.

Thank you for the professional help ExcelInc.

Finance Manager
I learned that I have a lot of resources at my disposal, my eyes have been opened to how I can utilise these to drive the message of learning disabilities and also educate the community and also educate the community about it.
I am going to start posting about the research that I have come across, and sort of build my personal profile and brand within the Psychology field. Now that I know some of the principles that I can use.
This session was time well spent, I would have missed out if my friend did not call me and invite me to the session. Overall I would highly recommend attending a session, thank you Tim.
Constance Ngobeni
I learned that there are so many opportunities that are available offered by Google offers and which are for free. I learned of the importance of being a digitally active citizen who is active and intentional about my journey online.
I am going to register my business for the different google products such as the google my business listing. I am going to develop my social media plan, and I am now informed so I can make better decisions to position my business for success.
I loved how interactive the session was, it gave an opportunity to learn from other participants who were also invited to the session. The content was well suited and I would definitely recommend this session to my friends peers and my family.
Ororiseng Muladzi


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